LED Marquee Display

TextLine One

Innovative features

The LED marquee displays of the TextLine One series are characterized by high contrast and brilliant shining LEDs. The product spectrum ranges from compact devices, six characters, to very large devices for static display of 80 characters and a length of almost four meters.

The devices have various display options: in addition to static text display, marquee and flashing are also possible.

An integrated text memory stores the displayed information, so that after a power interruption the same information as before
is automatically displayed again.

The displays have an integrated clock for displaying date and time.




Ethernet and WLAN or USB

The devices of the TextLine One series are available with Ethernet TCP/IP and WLAN as well as with USB interface.

Easy mounting

A mounting kit for wall mounting is included.

Optional mounting elements for pendant mounting of one or two displays are available.

In order that data and power cables can be connected to the display without being seen, special end caps are offered.

The devices have a separate power supply unit. They can also be equipped with an integrated power supply unit with a mains connection cable 3 x 0,75 mm2

Made for continuous operation

The high-quality LEDs allow a usage time of 24/7 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) all year round.